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Motor Vehicle Licensing is the most frequently visited area of the Clerk’s office. Motor vehicle licenses must be renewed annually and any sale of a motor vehicle must be registered within 15 days of purchase.

Pay Your Motor Vehicle License Online: Vehicle Registration Renewal

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Ways to Renew Your Motor Vehicle

  1. Renew online: You can renew your registration online through the Kentucky Motor Vehicle Licensing System. Visit their website to get started.
    You will receive your completed renewal by mail in 3 – 5 business days.
  2. Mail-In Renewal Service: A $2.00 fee is added to cover postage and handling. Send registration certificate, current KY insurance card, and payment (plus a $2.00 mail-in fee) to:
    Union County Clerk
    PO Box 119
    Morganfield, KY 42437
    You will receive your completed renewal by mail once processed.
  3. Renew in Person:
    County Clerk’s Office
    100 W Main St
    Morganfield, KY 42437
  4. Drop-box: Drop-box is located off Court Street (one-way brick street) on the walkway between the Courthouse and the War Memorial. Be sure to include your registration certificate, a correct return address, a paper copy of your KY insurance card, and $2.00 additional for return postage.

When renewing your motor vehicle remember these important items:

  • Proof of current Kentucky liability insurance is required for all vehicles.
  • You may also provide the current registration and/or renewal notice received in the mail
  • Most motor vehicle license plates are renewed in the owner’s birth month with the exception being some specialty plates (such as collegiate, disabled, farm plates)
  • Special Plates are available for additional fees. Click the link to see our special plates.

    **Please keep in mind if you are switching to a specialty plate, during the time of renewal, your current plate must be turned in to our office.

Motor Boat Renewals (CAN NOT be renewed ONLINE)

All motorboat registrations and transfers are handled by the County Clerk’s Office. Kentucky law requires all boats having motors to be registered if operated on public waters. To register a boat you must have your registration certificate. Boat renewals and property tax payments may be processed in the same ways that you renew a motor vehicle (see above). However, you CAN NOT renew a motorboat online.

To correspond with us in writing, please write to:
Union County Clerk’s Office
100 W Main Street
Morganfield, KY 42437

Transfer of a Kentucky Titled Vehicle (Add out of state and dealer purchased, mobile homes)

A person who purchases a vehicle or brings a vehicle from another state is required to title the vehicle(s) within 15 days. If the owner of a motor vehicle does not reside in Kentucky, the vehicle shall be registered with the County Clerk of the county in which the motor vehicle is principally operated (KRS 186.020).

Currently, there are several types of Kentucky Titles that have been issued. The procedures followed are based on what type of title the seller was issued. Titles issued after February 2000 have the assignment portion and vehicle transaction record form combined on the back of the Certificate of Title. These titles would not require the VTR form # TC96-182 in order to transfer a vehicle.

Titles issued prior to February 2000 only have the assignment portion on back of the Certificate of Title and would require the VTR form # TC96-182 submitted along with the Title.

The following documents and information are required:

  • Kentucky Certificate of Title clear of all liens, with assignment portion properly completed by buyer & seller. Depending on what year your title was issued determines the procedure that you follow for a transfer.
  • Application for title/registration: If title issued before February 2000 must be completed, signed by all registered owners, and notarized. Persons that have power of attorney for the owner(s) may sign, but a copy of the power of attorney must be submitted with the application. If County Clerk staff notarizes signatures, identification must be presented.
    Note: Titles that contain AND (instead of OR) between the names of owners require the signature of all owners and/or require both to sign & notarize.
  • Buyer Proof of Insurance (in their name) for vehicle purchasing. Title Only transfers may be done if insurance is not available or if the vehicle is inoperable, but the license plate must be surrendered.
  • Social Security Number for each party appearing on the title or Federal ID Number for companies.


Property Tax: The owner of a vehicle as of January 1st of each tax year is responsible for the tax for that year. If at the time of transfer, the property tax has not been paid, the seller will be responsible for the tax. To avoid delinquent tax, it is recommended that the seller pay taxes at the time of transfer. If not, the seller will be sent a notification by the Kentucky Revenue Cabinet of the tax due. This does not relinquish the responsibility to pay property tax timely.

Usage Tax: A six percent (6%) motor vehicle usage tax is levied upon the “retail price” of vehicles transferred in Kentucky. On used vehicles, the usage tax is 6% of the current average retail as listed in the NADA Used Car Guide or 6% of the total consideration paid. On used vehicles, the total consideration paid is the total given less any trade-in allowance, if applicable. Trade-in allowance applies to used vehicles only and the vehicle being traded must be previously registered in Kentucky.

Usage Tax Exemptions are on the following types of Kentucky transfers:

  1. Charitable/Education Organization
  2. Corporation/Subsidiary (LLC)*
  3. Dealer Registration
  4. Husband/Wife
  5. Military Exempt*
  6. Parent/Child
  7. State Government
  8. US Government
  9. Corporation/Proprietorship (LLC)*
  10. Court Order/Will*
  11. Grandparent/Grandchild
  12. Local Government
  13. Name Change
  14. Repossession*
  15. Stepparent/Stepchild

*Documentation must be provided


Kentucky Duplicate Title Fee for Motor Vehicle: $8.00

Notary Fee: $2.00 (Any document that we have to notarize will include this fee.)

Kentucky Speed Title: $25.00 (A speed title is mailed to the owner the following business day by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, Title Branch, Frankfort, KY 40601.)

Transfer Fee (Standard fee for the title-only transfer.) $9.00

Yearly Renewal Registration Fee: $21.00 (Could vary depending on plate type or date of purchase.)

Usage Tax: 6% of “retail price” (See Usage Tax definition above)

Title Lien Statement recording fee: $22.00

Salvaged Titles

Complete Form #TC96-215 Affidavit of Motor Vehicle Assembled from Wrecked or Salvaged Motor Vehicles.

Submit a completed application for Title/Registration (VTR form # TC96-182); this form must be signed and notarized. The following must be completed in full: (1) Seller Section, (2) Vehicle Identification Section, (3) Owner-Buyer Section, and (4) Certified Inspector Section. The Certified Inspector Section must be completed by a certified inspector in accordance with the provision of KRS 186A.115. The application for Title/Registration must be accompanied by a properly assigned Certificate of Title. In those limited cases where a Certificate of Title does not exist, the person selling the vehicle must give a notarized statement fully explaining ownership of the vehicle.

Submit original receipts for all labor required to construct or reconstruct the vehicle. Whoever provided all labor, a descriptive notarized statement will be required stating what repairs were made.

Submit all original receipts for parts purchased. If the parts you buy are from individuals and not businesses, have the person who sold you the parts write a notarized statement giving his name, address, and telephone number, the part or parts sold, and the vehicle identification number of the vehicle that the parts were taken from.

If the vehicle has a license plate, regardless of the decal expiration date, remove it and submit it with this application.

Any vehicle with a lien against it will be rejected. A lien termination statement from the lienholder must be submitted to the county clerk where the lien is recorded.

If you are rebuilding a motorcycle, turn in pencil tracings of both the engine and frame identification numbers. If you used a replacement engine, try to obtain the frame number of the motorcycle that the engine was taken from.

You will have 60 days from the date of approval to apply for the title and register your vehicle. After 60 days, the application will be canceled and you will need to reapply.

Links to MVL Related Forms:

  • TC 96-182 Application for Kentucky Certificate of Title – TC 96-182 (
  • TC 96-215 Affidavit for Wrecked or Salvaged Vehicle (rebuilt application)  – TC 96-215 (
  • TC 96-353 Labor Statement for Rebuild (has to be done with the rebuilt application) – TC 96-353 (
  • TC 96-347 Handicap Application – TC 96-347 (
  • A PDF of a title lien statement TC 96-187 ( this is no longer available online. KY state site states has to be obtained from County Clerk)
  • A PDF of Previously owned motor home
  • 71A101 Parent to Child Form 71A101 (05-16) (

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