Q: Do you accept Debit/Credit Cards?

    A: The license department accepts Visa debit and Mastercard, Discover credit.  There is a $2.50 fee charged with a debit card and a 2.75% of the total transaction fee charged with a credit card.

    Q: What do I need to bring to renew my car tags/license?

    A: You should bring the notification postcard you received in the mail for each vehicle and proof of insurance. You will need to bring a paper copy of your insurance card.

    Q: What does it cost to transfer a vehicle?

    Q: I’ve just moved to Kentucky what do I need to register my vehicle?

    A: Title from the other state, previous state registration, proof of sales tax paid, Kentucky proof of insurance, and drive the vehicle so it can be inspected.

    Q: What does it cost to transfer a vehicle?

    A: Please review this page for more information: drive.ky.gov/Vehicles/Pages/Vehicle-Titling.aspx

    Q: How long do you have to register a vehicle after purchasing it?

    A: You have 15 days by law to register a vehicle after the date of purchase.

    Q: How much does it cost to transfer a vehicle from a family member?

    A: If a parent, grandparent, child, husband, or wife gives you a vehicle registered in Kentucky you do not have to pay usage or sales tax. *Please note, each family member must be alive and a Kentucky resident.

    Q: How much does it cost to record a deed, mortgage, etc.?

    A: Please see Recordings for all charges and requirements.

    Q: What is the phone number for Circuit Court and/or District Court?

    A: (270) 389-2264

    Q: Where do I pay my fines?

    A: District or Circuit Court.

    Q: Where do I get my Driver’s License?

    A: District or Circuit Court.

    Q: Am I registered to vote? If so, where do I vote?

    A: You can check www.elect.ky.gov or you can call 270-389-1334.

    Q: How do I get a handicap placard?

    A: Come in and pick up a form (or print online) and get your doctor to sign it.

    Q: How can I get a disabled hunting & fishing license?

    A: Click here for information pertaining to a disabled hunting and fishing license.  The County Clerk’s office does not issue the license.  Find out where in Union County you can obtain a hunting a fishing license.

    Q: Where can I get a copy of a birth or death certificate?

    A: Certificates are available from the Cabinet for Health and Family Services, Office of Vital Statistics.  All certificates are kept in Frankfort.

    Q: How do I become a Notary Public?

    A: Notary public commissions are valid for four (4) years.  The following requirements must be met:

    • Applicant must be eighteen (18) years old or older
    • Be a citizen or permanent legal resident of the United States;
    • Be a resident of, or have a place of employment or practice in the Kentucky county where the application is made;
    • Be able to read and write English; and not disqualified under KRS 423.395;
    • Cannot be a convicted felon;
    • Applicant must complete application for Appointment to the Office of Notary Public Form thru the Secretary of State website or downloaded from the Secretary of State website.
    • Applicant must present proof of a $1000 Surety Bond;
    • If mailing the completed application it must be mailed to:
      Kentucky Secretary of State
      Notary Commissions
      PO Box 821
      Frankfort, KY 40602-0821A $10.00 state fee must accompany the application.
    • If approved, the applicant will be notified that a “Certificate of Appointment” has been sent to the applicant’s County Clerk.
    • The applicant must come to the County Clerk’s Office to take the oath of office and present proof of the $1000 Surety Bond.
    • The recording fee to the County Clerk is $19.00

    Union County Clerk's Office

    Garrick Thompson, County Clerk

    PO Box 119 Morganfield, KY 42437

    (270) 389-1334 - Phone
    (270) 389-9135 - Fax

    [email protected]

    Garrick Thompson was elected County Clerk in 2018 and took office in 2019.

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